Additional Sellers Signatures Required for Buyers with FHA/VA Loan

When signing “Sellers” documents please keep an eye out for any loan documents that the “Sellers” must also sign. This is the case when the buyer is getting a VA or FHA Loan. The “Seller” will have to sign three or four loan documents for the buyers lender. For an FHA Loan, the “Seller” must sign loan documents such as the Addendum to Hud 1 Settlement Statement, the Hud 1 Certification, the Receipt of the Hud 1. If the buyer is getting a VA Loan, the “Seller” will have to sign the VA Escape Clause, the Appliance Statement, and the Certification Addendum to Hud 1 Settlement Statement. These are standard, required government loan forms and will not have the actual sellers names printed below the signature lines, only the words “Seller”. Be sure your sellers signs these documents to avoid costly delays.

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