To sign Trustee or not to sign Trustee, that is the Notary question of today!

You’re sitting with your borrower signing loan documents and you discover that your borrower holds Title in their Trust…how do they sign?

This question seems to arise regularly during a document signing service and the answer varies from Lender to Lender. If you come across this during regular business hours, please contact Central Signing Service to ensure all loan documents are signed properly. In the event you are at a loan document signing afterhours and have exhausted all attempts to reach Central Signing Service, Lisa on her cell, the Escrow Officer and the Loan Officer or Real Estate Agent, we would like to use this as a blanket rule of thumb: When in doubt, sign without!

The exception being you have two signature lines on the document: one signature line has their name as an individual and the second signature line has their name, followed by the word trustee or trustee verbiage. This is done intentionally and is not to be assumed repetitious. The intent is to have the borrowers sign twice: once with their name only and once with their names, followed by trustee, or the variation as the signature line indicates.

After conducting a quick survey to select Escrow Officers at different Title and Escrow Companies, we’ve discovered that it is best to sign without Trustee if there are no instructions noted in the loan document package, with the exception as listed above and when the Signing Agent is unable to reach anyone for instruction.  It is much easier to add Trustee later, than to remove it.  

When in Doubt, Sign Without!

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  • Steve Rice says:

    There should always be someone available during any closing. At all times.
    I have told companies to not even call if they can not provide someone that will answer a phone during a closing.
    I am a Notary. I am not the LO who should have answered every single question the borrower could have before they even think of scheduling the appointment.
    I am in training to be a LO but I am not one yet.

    • Lisa says:

      I appreciate your comments and we at Central Signing Service provide an after hours phone number atthe top of every appointment confirmation you receive. This information can also be found on our “contact us” page at Keep this number handy at all times and I will be happyto assist you should the need arise.

  • As a notary, I HATE having to call after hours with a question. Even if it’s ok (Lisa, you’re always very gracious), I feel like a nuisance, like if only I were smarter I would know the answer, and for sure I know I’m interrupting your evening. But I’m not a mind reader and every lender/title/signing service wants something different.

    So in my little brain, I just wish there were a few extra fields in every job sheet:
    1. preferred ink color
    2. personal checks up to $______
    3. how to sign THIS JOB if “,trustee” appears.

    The bigger question is why Title doesn’t automatically offer this info up. As a mobile notary, it would o so much smoother if the info was always there.

    Just my 2 cents…

    Love the blog entries! Now I know what to do with 2 lines on the GD’s! :)

  • does anyone knows where to find a notary public in Mississippi?

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