As a Signing Agent, you can detect fraud using a black light!

Did you know there are hidden holograms in most government issued ID cards that can only be seen under UV lighting?  In 2009, States started making changes on ID cards, including these holograms to help minimize identity theft. As you may have already noticed, some states have already changed the appearance of their ID cards and added hidden, additional security features that can be seen under a black light to increase difficulty in copying the new card.  However, don’t forget anything made by man, can be duplicated by man. With today’s technology, it won’t be long before visibly believable copies of the new ID cards begin circulating.

It’s a great idea to carry a small UV black light when performing a document signing service as a way to detect counterfeit government issued ID cards, Driver’s Licenses, Passports or even Resident Alien/Green Cards. Over ten million American’s per year fall victim to Identity Theft. At this rate, owning a black light seems like a small price to pay to ensure security of not only your customer, but yourself as a Notary. You could become a hero! As a representative of your state and a Notary Public, do your part to fight fraud and decrease Identity theft by carrying a black light to your loan signings.

Read more about how UV lighting fights fraud.

Click here to see examples and read about holograms in different types of government issued ID’s.

Click here to check out this pocket sized UV flashlight on Amazon! What a steal!

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